Cyber Security Evaluation

Please download the attached ZIP file which contains prebuilt evaluation tools to test the cyber security strength of your site.

Once downloaded, please unzip and run the start.bat file. This is a safe and legitimate testing platform. There is no need to be concerned.

A command window will display and a notepad file will open and display some much needed info to properly test your site. Please copy and past the contents of the notepad and email them to

Next a scan tool, called Galactic Scanner, will execute and test the cyber security strength. This is a small window with lots of dots. Please allow it to run. When it prompts you for a company name, please add your company name. When it is complete, it will close itself

Once you have emailed the notepad contents and the scan(s) have been completed, you may delete the files from your computer.

We will be in touch in a few days while the scan computes a report.

Shield IT Cyber Security Evaluation (Windows)